Free Standing Pull Up Stations

Best 7 Free Standing Pull Bars Review 2021

If you’re interested in a high-quality pull-up bar station, that won’t let you down and will facilitate a wide range of intensive bodyweight exercises, then you’re going to love our review below:

Zkhysm Multi-Function Power Tower

Perfect for full-body workouts.

Dimensions: 50 x 34 x 15 cm | Weight: 17kg | Color: Black & Red | Capacity: 85kg | Materials Used: Steel

+ Made with premium materials and excellent engineering

+ Multi-functional workout station

+ Adjustable bar to fit each user’s preferences


The Zkhysm Multi-Function Power Tower offers an excellent solution to all your home workout needs, without costing the earth.

It is made with durable steel tubes and an H-shaped frame, allowing your body to feel stable during every exercise.

The anti-slip handgrips will secure your hold as you perform those pull-ups, improving your muscles within a matter of weeks.

JX FITNESS Power Tower

Professional workout tower for home-use.

Dimensions: 131.4 x 45.5 x 13.8 cm | Weight: 29.5kg | Color: Black & Blue | Capacity: 100kg  | Materials Used: Steel & PU Material (Pads)

+ Ergonomically designed to provide excellent support during workouts

+ Soft arm and backrests to prevent injuries

+ Multi-functional workout station for various workouts


The JX FITNESS Power Tower is a professional gym tool that you can easily place in your home.

It is a multifunctional workout station, which means you can do all kinds of full-body exercises with it.

The height adjustment feature allows its users to set it according to their needs, and thanks to its soft foam pads, you won’t have to worry about impending injuries.

If you are looking for an ideal and cost-effective power tower, this is probably the best one you could find.

JINDEN Body Champ

Amazing equipment for rigorous training exercises.

Dimensions: 104 x 87x 205 cm | Color: Black | Capacity: 250kg | Materials Used: Steel & PU Material (Pads)

+ Heavy duty steel constructed for maximum efficiency

+ Anti-slip material on each grab bar to secure its users

+ Reinforced locking systems

The JINDEN Body Champ is for those who want to push themselves to the limits.

It has a thick and sturdy structure, allowing stable workouts for all its users.

The thick, comfortable foam pads also ensure that your workout sessions are safe all the time.

Finally, the multi-functional design enables you to apply various exercises, making it ideal for day-to-day use.

HOMCOM Multi-Function Power Tower


An efficient workout tower for multiple exercises.

Dimensions: 94 x 99 x 232 cm | Weight: 23kg | Color: Black | Capacity: 120kg | Materials Used: Steel & PU Material (Pads)

+ Multi-functional workout tower for diverse workout options

+ Stable and ergonomic design for comfortable workouts

+ Durable steel frame and amazing construction

The HOMCOM Multi-Function Power Tower is an efficient option if you want to hit it from every angle.

It has all the necessary stations you’ll need for full-body workouts, with additional grab bars that hang at the bottom of the dip station.

Coldshine Multi-Functional Training Tower

A sleek and simple option for beginners and professionals.

Dimensions: 141 x 56 x 9 cm | Weight: 21kg | Color: Black | Capacity: 130kg | Materials Used: Steel & PU Material (Pads)

+ Heavy-duty design and construction for maximized workout sessions

+ Thick and soft arm and back pads for more comfortable exercises

+ Multi-functional equipment perfect for various workouts

The Coldshine Multi-Functional Training Tower is a bit simpler than the rest, but it provides an experience that you will not believe.

Despite its minimal structure and design, you can still utilize this workout station with ease.

The sturdy construction and heavy-duty materials stabilise the entire tower, enabling users to exercise with proper security. Additionally, the anti-slip handgrips and the thick foam pads help to deliver a secure grip.

Pull Up Fitness Affordable Free Standing Pull Up Bar


A fully engineered workout station for a myriad of exercises.

Height: 192cm | Weight: 19kg | Color: Black & Red | Capacity: 110kg | Materials Used: Steel & PU Material (Pads)

+ Reinforced design for more efficient workout sessions

+ Multi-functional and ready for your various exercises

+ Softback armrests to avoid injuries


The Pull Up Fitness Affordable Free Standing Pull Up Bar is perfect if you want a full-blown workout station without compromising your budget.

It has everything you’ll need for your daily exercises, from a sturdy workout bench to your pull up and dip stations, and helps to provide a whole body workout.

YOLEO Adjustable Power Tower

A fully reinforced power tower for intense workout sessions.

Dimensions: 125 x 75 x 230 cm | Weight: 21kg | Color: Black & Red | Capacity: 100kg | Materials Used: Steel & PU Material

+ Secure foot paddings to avoid unstable and hazardous workouts

+ Heavy-duty reinforced steel

+ Anti-slip pads and hand grips for more comfortable exercises

The YOLEO Adjustable Power Tower promotes a reinforced feel whenever you are using it.

Thanks to the high-quality, sturdy materials, this workout station allows its users to feel secure every time they are using it.

The multi-functional capabilities of this power tower can help you fulfill those rigorous full-body workouts, and you won’t feel anything weird or unsatisfying because of its comfortable hand grips and foam pads.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this is the ideal option for your exercises.

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