Dip Bars

Best 7 Dip Bars Review 2021

Dip bars are fantastic for developing overall arm, shoulder and chest strength and in particular the triceps, and perfectly complement a chin-up bar that mostly targets the upper back, biceps and core.

We’ve reviewed our favourite models below:


A simple yet high-grade dip station for beginners and professionals.

Color: Yellow | Material: Steel | Adjustable: Yes | Weight: 11.8kg | Dimensions:           76 x 65 x 9.7 cm

+ Built with sturdy steel material for secure workouts

+ Playful colors that could also function as mood boosters

+ Adjustable height to fit users’ preferences

The RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Dip Station Bars is the perfect workout station for athletes who like bodyweight workouts.

It is made of premium materials such as durable stainless steel.

The height adjustment feature promotes efficiency during your workouts, and you won’t have a problem with it slipping around thanks to its anti-skid feet.

ONETWOFIT Multi-Functional Wall Mounted Dip Station

Perfect for those who prefer their dipping stations firmly placed.

Color: Black & Red | Material: Steel | Adjustable: Yes | Weight: 10.42kg | Dimensions: 78 x 26 x 15 cm

+ Wall mounted dip station for more secure workouts

+ Adjustable and ready for multiple workout routines

+ Constructed with heavy duty steel materials for more stability

The ONETWOFIT Multi-Functional Wall Mounted Dip Station functions well because of its sturdy construction.

The sturdy steel construction and soft foam pads allow users to exercise with ease.

Sportstech Multi-Functional Dip Bars

Highly flexible dip bars for indoor and outdoor use.

Color: Black & Red | Material: Steel | Adjustable: Yes | Weight: 8kg | Dimensions: 103 x 33 x 9 cm

+ Sturdy and remarkable construction for secure and stable workouts

+ Numerous foam pads for comfortable usage

+ Adjustable workout station for multiple workout routines

The Sportstech Multi-Functional Dip Bars are perfect for everyday workout routines.

It is designed to fit perfectly on your door frames, with adjustable features that you can align to your preference.

Convenient folding system for easier storage.

HOMCOM Dip Station

A high-quality dip station for a decent price.

Color: Black & Yellow | Material: Steel | Adjustable: Yes | Weight: 13kg | Dimensions: 77 x 72 x 11.5 cm

+ Playful blend of colors to promote enthusiastic workouts

+ Excellent construction of stainless steel materials

+ Thick foam pads on handles for maximum comfort

This workout tool is perfect for those who are only starting to work out, especially if you are on a tight budget.

It is constructed well to make sure that your workout sessions are secure, plus the fun colors would definitely keep you going.

Adidas Door Gym

For those who want to ensure their workouts with a well-known brand.

Color: Black & Red | Material: Steel | Adjustable: Yes | Weight: 4kg | Dimensions: 98 x 45.6 x 27 cm

+ High-quality chin-up bar and dip station from Adidas

+ Excellent construction of steel tubes and wall mount

+ Adjustable and perfect for intense workout sessions

If you are feeling unsure about what to pick, you can never go wrong with the Adidas Door Gym.

It is manufactured with thick and sturdy materials, allowing you to stabilize yourself every time you use it.

The thick handgrips enable its users to hold themselves in place every time they go through their rigorous workout sessions.

VidaXL Adjustable Dip Station

A simple dip station for those who are looking for a cost-effective option.

Color: Black | Material: Steel | Adjustable: Yes | Weight: 19kg | Dimensions: 60 x 57 x 175-224 cm

+ Adjustable dip station to suit each user’s specific preferences

+ High quality build that can withstand multiple workout sessions

+ Can be used as a pull-up station as well

The VidaXL Adjustable Dip Station proves to be an effective tool that you can also use for pull-ups. Its feet are built with anti-skid materials, making sure that it won’t move around or wobble during use.

Mirafit Parallel Dip Bars

Heavy-duty dip station for professionals and amateurs.

Color: Orange & Black | Material: Steel | Adjustable: Yes | Dimensions: 92.5 x 60 x 4.5 cm

+ Heavy-duty steel constructed for maximum stability

+ Playful orange and black colors to boost your energy

+ Thick foam pads on each bar

The Mirafit Parallel Dip Bars is a perfect choice if you really want to get your money’s worth.

Just by looking at the picture alone, you will notice that the whole thing is built with premium materials and excellent engineering.

The adjustable width of its feet allows each user to set their preferred distance while working out, and the thick and soft hand grips are firmly placed to make sure that they will not slip.

Finally, thanks to its flashy black and orange colors, you will get the right amount of visual stimuli to boost your energy while exercising.

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