Best Weighted Vests

Best Weighted Vests for Pull-Ups & Running

A weighted vest is an excellent addition to any workout, adding extra weight so you can push yourself even harder and reach your health and fitness goals.

A weighted vest can be worn during most exercise routines, from cardio through to strength training. Here are the best five weighted vests.

1. JLL Weighted Vest

Removable Weights for Adaptable Workouts

Colour: Black | Adjustable: Yes | Maximum Weight: 30kg | Material: Not Specified

  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Up to 30kg weight
  • Machine washable

This exercise weighted vest is the perfect choice to intensify any workout, with a maximum weight option of up to 30kg.

The adjustable Velcro straps make this unisex vest easily wearable by all ages and sizes, and this vest will also not absorb sweat and is machine washable.

2. Vailge Weighted Vest

Top Weighted Vest Choice for Women

Colour: Black | Adjustable: Yes | Maximum Weight: 15kg | Material: Neoprene

  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Iron pellets for even weight distribution
  • Double stitching

This weighted vest is the top choice for women and is lightweight and has adjustable buckles and an elasticated waist for greater comfort.

The iron pellets mean that the weight inside the vest is evenly distributed to avoid discomfort and the double stitching makes this vest long-lasting and durable too.

3. HOMCOM Weighted Vest

Number One Unisex Choice

Colour: Black | Adjustable: Yes | Maximum Weight: 38kg | Material: Oxford Fabric

  • Close-cut fit
  • Adjustable easy on and off fastenings
  • Customisable weight option

This adjustable weighted vest is the top unisex choice and its close cut fit is comfortable to wear thanks to its easy on and off fastenings.

This weighted vest has a maximum weight of 38kg but packets of weight can be removed in order to customise the exact amount of weight you want for your workout.

4. Xn8 Weighted Vest

Visible Strips for Anytime Wear

Colour: Black, Red | Adjustable: Yes | Maximum Weight: 20kg | Material: Not Specified

  • Enhances workout up to 20kg weight
  • Visibility strips
  • Comfortable Velcro fastenings

This weighted vest comes with up to 20kg of internal weight bags so you can challenge yourself even more as you exercise to help condition and strengthen your muscles.

The visibility strips mean that this vest is the ideal choice to wear when exercising outdoors no matter the time of day or night.

The comfortable Velcro fastenings also make this weighted vest easy to get on and off as well.

5. Xn8 Adjustable Weighted Vest

Top Choice Running Weighted Vest

Colour: Black | Adjustable: Yes | Maximum Weight: 10kg | Material: Neoprene

  • Ergonomically designed to wear under clothes
  • Durable neoprene
  • Perfect for jogging and running

This weighted vest is very lightweight and is ergonomically designed to slip easily over the shoulders so it can be worn under other workout clothes and jackets too.

Made from sweat-resistant and durable neoprene material, this weighted vest is the top choice to enhance your jogging and running workouts.

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