Best Squat Racks

Best Squat Racks for Workouts at Home

A squat rack helps to give added support when lifting weights, so you can progress in your weight lifting goals and squat more safely.

A squat rack is an essential piece of home gym equipment for those looking to gain muscle and is suitable for all levels of fitness ability.

Here are the top five squat racks.

1. TecTake 2pc Adjustable Weight Rack

Top Stable Adjustable Squat Rack

Weight Capacity: 100kg | Adjustable Heights: 12 | Dimensions: 49 x 46 x 157 cm

  • Great load capacity
  • Height adjustable
  • Stable steel material

This squat rack offers the perfect workout support and is made from stable steel and is able to handle a total weight lifting capacity of 100kg.

This squat rack comes in 2 pieces which are both height-adjustable, making it suitable for all ages and abilities too.

2. DTX Fitness Rack

Pull Up Bar Included Option

Weight Capacity: 200kg | Adjustable Heights: 28 | Dimensions: 221x134x119cm

  • Solid steel pullup bar
  • Multiple adjustment options
  • High weight lifting capacity

This multifunctional weight rack also comes with a solid steel pullup bar too in order to further enhance your workout.

With multiple adjustment options, this all in one fitness rack has 28 options to choose from.

This squat rack can support a high weight capacity of 200kg, making it a great choice for beginners and expert users alike.

3. Hardcastle Bodybuilding Adjustable Squat Rack

Full Workout Squat Rack Ideal for Professionals

Weight Capacity: Not Specified | Adjustable Heights: 13 | Dimensions: 78cm – 123cm

  • Includes Spotters and Dip Bars
  • Suitable for use with 1″ & 2″ Olympic barbell bars
  • Fully adjustable height options

This bodybuilding adjustable squat rack is ideal for those who want to enjoy a professional gym experience from home.

As well as supporting 1″ & 2″ Olympic barbell bars when squatting, this rack also comes with spotters and dip bars too in order to enhance your workout.

There are also 13 adjustable height options to choose from too.

4. GYM MASTER Adjustable Squat Rack

Heavy Duty Adjustable Squat Rack Choice

Weight Capacity: 250kg | Adjustable Heights: 13 | Dimensions: 72cm to 117cm

  • Supports up to 250kg weight
  • 13 adjustable rack heights
  • Steel tube frame

This strong and durable squat rack is made with a steel tube frame and can support weights up to an impressive 250kg.

With 13 different height adjustments to choose from, this all-in-one adjustable squat rack is easy to assemble and is designed to support all levels of weight lifting from beginners to experts.

5. Yaheetech Adjustable Heavy Duty Squat Rack

Anti Skid Squat Rack Ideal for Home Gym

Weight Capacity: Not Specified | Adjustable Heights: 14 | Dimensions: 114-179 cm

  • Multiple height adjustment options
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Metal nuts for added safety

This squat rack from Yaheetech is designed not to damage floors thanks to its anti-skid feet, and also comes with metal nuts for easy height adjustment which are secure to added safety too.

With 14 adjustment heights to choose from, this squat rack is the ideal addition to any home gym.

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