Best Punch Bags

Best Punch Bags
A punch bag makes a great addition to any home gym. Using a punch bag can help you to improve your agility, speed and strength and makes an effective physical workout. A punch bag can also provide a good outlet for stress too, making it ideal to improve mental health as well. Here are the best five punch bags.

1. RDX 8PC Punching Bag
Top Ceiling Hook Punching Bag Choice

Colour: Black | Size: 4 ft. | Free Standing: No | Bracket: Yes

  • Heavy filled punching bag
  • Suitable for multiple sports
  • Other essential accessories included

This heavy filled punching bag from RDX is completely reinforced which makes it suitable to withstand moves from a number of different intense sports, such as kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai. Complete with ceiling hook, this punching bag can be hung from ceilings making it good for smaller home workout spaces. This punching bag also comes with gloves and hand wraps included too.

2. Maxx 6 Pcs Punching Bag Set
Complete Punching Bag Kit Option

Colour: Black, White | Size: 5 ft. | Free Standing: No | Bracket: Yes

  • Complete kit
  • Durable material
  • 25kg weight

This 6 piece punching bag kit from Maxx comes with everything you need to secure your punching bag from the ceiling so you can start working out straightaway, along with gloves and a skipping rope for warming up too. The durable artificial leather material is designed to be strong and the filled bag weight of 25kg means it can withstand heavy and continual punches as well.

3. Athens Punching Bag
Top Free Standing Punching Bag

Colour: Black | Size: 6 ft. | Free Standing: Yes | Bracket: No

  • Sturdy freestanding frame
  • Thick PU surface
  • Tear resistant and foam interior for better rebound

This punching bag from Athens is freestanding and stands at an impressive 6 ft. The sturdy frame and base suction cups helps this bag to stay in place whilst in use and the thick PU surface is designed to be tear resistant. The foam interior material also helps this punching bag to rebound against even the heaviest punches too.

4. Athens Heavy Duty Punching Bag
Simple and Easy to Assemble Option

Colour: Black | Size: 6 ft. | Free Standing: Yes | Bracket: No

  • Simple design
  • Thick 2mm PVC material surface
  • Easy assembly

This simply designed punching bag from Athens makes the perfect addition to any home gym and is easy to assemble thanks to the detachable base. The thickened 2mm PVC surface also makes this punching bag able to withstand the force of punches as you exercise as well.

5. MORFIT Reflex Punching Bag
Best Freestanding Punching Bag Model
Colour: White | Size: 36-154cm | Free Standing: Yes | Bracket: No

  • Reflex design for speed and coordination
  • Sturdy steel base
  • Adjustable height

This reflex punching bag is the ideal choice for those who may not have much space but are keen to keep boxing at home. This style of punching bag is ideal to improve your speed and coordination and the sturdy steel base ensures it stays in place. The adjustable height also means it can be used by multiple members of the household as well, making this a more versatile punching bag option.