Best High Speed Skipping Ropes

High-Speed Skipping Ropes for Sports & Fitness

It may seem like a simple piece of exercise equipment, but a high speed skipping rope can provide lots of benefits whether you are an athlete or embarking on a new fitness routine.

Great for cardio, weight loss, and coordination, here are the five best high speed skipping ropes.

1. Spheerax High-Speed Skipping Rope

Complete High-Speed Skipping Rope Kit

Colour: Black | Material: PVC Cable | Handle Material: Plastic | Length: 3m

  • Carry case and spare screw kit included
  • Dual ball bearings in handles
  • Non-slip handles

This high speed skipping rope comes complete with its own easy to store carry case and spare screw kit and has dual ball bearings in the handles in order to provide a more stable skipping experience.

The no-slip handles make this skipping rope easy to use for long periods and the length is adjustable to perfectly suit your workout needs.

2. LAGFFSSUN Skipping Jump Rope

Top Weighted Skipping Rope Choice

Colour: Blue | Material: Polyester Cotton | Handle Material: Memory Foam | Length: 3m

  • Ball-bearing design
  • Memory foam handles
  • Durable and strong

The LAGFFSSUN skipping rope comes with a ball bearing weighted design and can help you burn up tp twice as many calories versus using a regular skipping rope.

The memory foam handles are comfortable to hold and the polyester-cotton rope material is both durable and strong.

3. Arovina Skipping Rope

Top Tangle Free High-Speed Skipping Rope

Colour: Red | Material: Steel, Aluminum | Handle Material: PVC | Length: Not Specified

  • Self-locking system
  • Tangle-free steel rope
  • Ball-bearing weight

This high speed skipping rope comes with a handle self-locking system so you can easily adjust the length of the rope to suit your health and fitness needs.

The tangle-free steel rope makes this skipping rope safe to you and the 360degree ball bearing system provides greater stability during use too.

4. ORSJA Skipping Rope

Good All Round High-Speed Skipping Rope Choice

Colour: Black | Material: Aluminum-alloy; Silicone; Steel Wire | Handle Material: PVC | Length: Not Specified

  • Weighted silicone PVC handles
  • Ball bearings for better balance
  • Carrying bag included

This skipping rope from ORSJA is a great all-round choice and comes with weighted silicone PVC handles and ball bearings for better balance and easier skipping.

The handy carrying bag makes it easy to store this rope and prevent it from tangling when not in use too.

5. FITFORT Skipping Rope

Ideal High-Speed Skipping Rope for All the Family

Colour: Black, Red | Material: Alloy Steel | Handle Material: Foam | Length: 280cm

  • Adjustable rope to suit all heights
  • Ball bearings for better balance
  • Foam handles for added comfort

This high speed skipping rope is great for home workouts and for children to use as well to stay active too.

Made from alloy steel, the rope is strong and durable and comes with ball bearings inside the handles for better balance.

The foam handle material also makes this skipping rope comfortable to hold whilst skipping too.

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