Best Boxing Pads

Best Boxing Pads Ireland

Boxing pads provide the perfect way to switch up your boxing workout and exercise as a pair.

Boxing pads help you to narrow down your range of punches as they are much smaller than boxing bags.

Your partner holds the boxing pad as you punch, which helps you to improve speed, agility and also communication too.

Here are the best five boxing pads.

1. XGEEK PU Leather Boxing Pads

Top Heavy Hitter Boxing Pad Choice

Colour: Red | Material: Faux Leather | Size: 260g |

  • Dense foam padding
  • PU leather
  • Shock absorbent

These boxing pads can absorb even the heaviest of punches thanks to their dense foam padding and their PU leather is tear-resistant and durable too.

These boxing pads come in a pack of two and make the perfect option when sparring with a partner.

2. Wuudi Training Boxing Pads

Best Adjustable Hold Boxing Pads

Colour: White, Black | Material: Synthetic Leather | Size: 300g |

  • Ventilation holes for breathability
  • Comfortable glove design
  • Strong hold nylon thread

These boxing pads from Wuudi are a great option for a variety of wearers as they come with a fully adjustable glove design.

Complete with ventilation holes for improved breathability and also have a strong hold nylon thread to help these boxing pads last the test of time.

3. RDX Boxing Pads

Curved Designed for Better Grip

Colour: Black | Material: Maya Hide Leather | Size: 680g |

  • Curved designed for targeted strikes
  • Superior grip
  • Velcro strap

These boxing pads have a curved designed with a surface area of 10” x 7.5” x 1.75” in order to provide a more targeted strike area during boxing practise with a partner.

The inside of the pads includes a palm ball for a superior grip and the Velcro strap ensures these pads always stay in place.

4. Xnature Boxing Pads

Best Flexible Boxing Pads Available

Colour: Red, Black | Material: Maya Hide Leather | Size: 160g |

  • Unique EVA-LUTION foam design
  • Hand moulded surface
  • High-quality leather

These flexible and easy to wear boxing pads provide a comfortable and shock absorbent punching surface thanks to their EVA-LUTION foam design.

Created with a hand-molded surface, these boxing pads are also made from the highest quality Maya Hide leather.

5. Lions Curved Focused Pads

Superior Thumb and Knuckle Protection

Colour: multi-colored | Material: PU Foam | Size: 272.16g |

  • Extra thick PU foam design
  • Wide selection of colours
  • Wide wrist straps

These boxing pads come with a glove that offers superior thumb and knuckle protection and are available in a wide range of colours as well as sizes from 6oz to 16oz.

The wide wrist straps also help these boxing pads to stay in place during sparring practise too.

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