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Why Do Pull Ups Anyway?

Pull-ups are some of the best exercises that you can get into your exercise routine for various reasons. In this article, we will be going over some of the benefits you can get from incorporating pull-ups into your daily life.


Benefits Of Pull Ups For Beginners:

1. Compound Exercise

Any exercise you can incorporate into your diet that will work out multiple muscles at once can be very beneficial for those who are beginners and even those who are advanced. Compound exercises will give you the ability to work out multiple muscles at the same time which can help you get in a highly effective full-body exercise in a shorter amount of time.

2. It’s Convenient

Part of the biggest issue a lot of beginners have when they are looking to incorporate exercise in their routine is having to break through the motivational wall. Therefore, having a lot of different exercises that you can start with that are convenient can make it much more likely that you do them regularly. You can buy a pull-up bar and conveniently do them in the comfort of your own home which makes it much more likely that you stick with doing them.

3. There Are Many Options

Pull-ups can do wonders for a beginner because there are so many different variations that you can incorporate into your routine which can help you maximise the value you get out of them. Not only can you incorporate pull-ups that focus on improving your grip strength, but you can do pull-ups that target your triceps, biceps, and more. Being able to take advantage of the different variations is one of the biggest reasons they are so valuable to someone who is looking to start working out.

As you can see, pull-ups offer a good and convenient way to target a lot of muscle groups in your body. Whether you want to strengthen your arms, back, or shoulders, you will be able to target a lot of muscle groups with a simple yet very effective exercise.


How To Make Your Pull Ups Really Count

Pull Ups have many benefits to the body when done right. For starters, they can help improve the strength in your upper body, strengthen the core of your body and help improve your overall gait and posture. Whether you work in the field in the health fitness industry or are you are simply looking to improve your general health and wellbeing, you cannot go wrong by starting and rigorously following a pull up regimen. But how do you do this exercise so that you can achieve its full health benefits? Read on for a short yet comprehensive guide on how to properly do pull ups.

For starters, find the right equipment and prepare a place for exercising. Ideally, you should get a pull-up bar but you can also improvise with items at your disposal.

On starting these exercises, do not expect results on the first day. Start slow and from the bottom position, move to the middle pull up position and finally finish with the top position when your body and muscles gain sufficient core strength.

When doing your regimen, avoid hanging limply from your pull-up bar. Instead, ensure you put some strain on your shoulder, collarbone, and, neck muscles.

When exercising, ensure that you do not just use your arm muscles to lift your body weight. Ensure that you distribute your entire weight along your muscles and shoulder blades. To do this, you have to watch your position and technique. When the tension is balanced properly on different upper body muscles, you will gain dominance and increase your endurance quicker.

Additionally, ensure that you strive to pull your entire body up to and above chin level when doing pull ups. To make your body muscles adjust to pull-up exercises quicker, create a daily regimen that is adjusted to push you just a bit further with each passing day. Ensure that you follow your regimen religiously.